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Samsung Galaxy S9: Everything That We Understand Till Now

Samsung Galaxy S9: Samsung is among the stalwarts with regards to the smartphone-making companies. The Korean tech conglomerate has effectively created various question devices through the years as well as their flagship device, the Galaxy series has tremendous accolades from both pundits and also the fans. The present form of the coveted Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy S7 continues to be hugely popular because the smartphone launched in Feb 2016.

The galaxy s9 concept

Galaxy s9

Samsung Galaxy S9

The next installment from the series, the Galaxy S8 is coming and can most likely make its grand debut in the approaching Mobile World Congress that is scheduled to start on 27th Feb 2017. However the craze for that Samsung devices has arrived at this type of height, which fans have previously began speaking and predicting concerning the alongside next iteration, the Samsung Galaxy S9. Well, the organization continues to be tight-lipped concerning the Galaxy S9, and appropriately so, because the S8 hasn’t hit the industry shelves yet, new rumors and updates are flooding the web on every alternate day. So within this roundup article, we’ve accrued all of the latest news, updates and rumors on Samsung Galaxy S9 as well as discussed the probable features and do you know the fans expecting out of this forthcoming technological animal.


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Samsung is really a company which likes to follow some certain pattern, particularly with regards to the discharge date. If you see the launch date from the past few iterations from the series, the Korean tech giant showcased their flagship devices around the greatest possible stage. Samsung released the Galaxy S7 in the MWC 2016 and is probably to unveil the Galaxy S8 in the MWC 2017 too. Even though some latest rumors are suggesting that Samsung won’t unveil the Galaxy S8 in the MWC 2017 event and can launch the approaching device on 29th March, the time-frame remains almost exactly the same. Therefore we can surely state that the Galaxy S9 Release Date may happen throughout the first quarter of 2018 (Feb-March), otherwise throughout the MWC 2018 event. We all know it’s very early to calculate the discharge date of Samsung Galaxy S9, but we must pass the pattern, that is indicating an earlier 2018 discharge of the telephone.



The approaching Samsung Galaxy S8 is tipped in the future in 2 different variants, one having a bigger display and yet another having a comparatively smaller sized display. Codenamed as Dream and Dream 2, the larger variant will flaunt a 5.5-inch display and yet another you will sport a 5.1-inch display. Therefore we think the Galaxy S9 may also stick to the same pattern and will also be released in 2 different versions, depending on the application size.


Samsung has attempted some experiments on the Galaxy S6 and S7’s design and today they’re targeting something unique within the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 is anticipated to have a mixture of metal and glass when it comes to design aspect so we think they’ll continue it within the next installment too because this combination adds a far more premium turn to the flagship devices.

What we should expect: However, some pundits are predicting the Galaxy S9 includes a redefined design. The current form of this smartphone series, the Galaxy S7 already has a curved back edge so we think the organization can make the rear fringe of the Galaxy S9 much more curved in order that it perfectly matches your palm. Aside from this, we’re not expecting any major change as far the style of the Galaxy S9 is worried.


Once we have previously discussed, the Galaxy S8 is pegged in the future in 2 different variants, based upon their display size. But both models will sport curved screens. Therefore we are nearly certain the display from the Galaxy S9 may also be curved, regardless of in the number of variants the handset is going to be launched. Samsung presently uses the QHD display within their flagship devices. However with the Galaxy S9, the Korean tech giant can push the resolution up to 4K. The 4K resolution has already been trending within the technological world after annually approximately, it will likely be an essential feature to possess inside a high-finish smartphone, as opposed to just an extravagance.

VR Ready Display: One more reason why we’re predicting the Galaxy S9 includes a 4K display is, Samsung is giving the most priority towards the Virtual Reality and also the company’s Gear VR headset. The QHD display is brilliant for that smartphone, but it’s not sufficient as you’re watching on the VR headset. So it’s greatly entirely possible that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will sport the 4K resolution when it will likely be released the coming year.

Always Displayed: The recently introduced Always Displayed (AOD) feature which made its debut using the Galaxy Note 7, may also be presented in the Galaxy S9. The AOD feature has gone through major upgrades and will also be more potent within the approaching Galaxy S9.


The Galaxy S8 is anticipated to flaunt a dual-lens camera setup, as reported by the rumors are indicating. However the tech gurus are unclear about the standard your camera. Some pundits are suggesting the Galaxy S8 may flaunt a 24-megapixel rear camera having a wide f/1.4 aperture & optical image stabilization and also the front snapper is going to be of 8-megapixel.

Leaks: However, some leaksters are suggesting the approaching flagship device includes a dual-camera setup and something lens is going to be of 12-megapixel, as the other is of 13-megapixel. Now now you ask , what would be the camera specs from the Galaxy S9?

Camera: Well, there’s without doubt the Galaxy S9 will boast a significantly-upgraded camera specs than its predecessor. We don’t think the Galaxy S8 will sport a principal camera of greater resolution. Our guess may be the Galaxy S8 includes a dual-camera setup and also the Galaxy S9 only will stick to the same trend. As reported by the megapixels are worried, we believe one lens is going to be of 15-megapixel and yet another the first is of 13-megapixel. Your camera is going to be supported with f/1.4 aperture, optical image stabilization, along with other present day camera features.

GALAXY S9: Underneath The HOOD

All of the supreme smartphone making information mill ditching the 14nm processor on and on for that 10nm processor rather, for his or her flagship devices.Samsung will certainly stick to the same trend. The Korean tech giant has always used the Snapdragon processors as well as in the forthcoming Galaxy S9, the organization uses the SoC of the identical company. The most recent chipset, Snapdragon 835 is nearly prepared to be shipped which processor, made with the 10nm technology will certainly trouble the approaching flagship device.

RAM The Engine: Now visiting the RAM aspect, the Galaxy S8 is anticipated to powered with 6GB RAM so we think Galaxy S9 will exceed its predecessor when it comes to RAM and internal storage following a particular pattern. So our conjecture is, the Samsung Galaxy S9 includes a 3.5GHz octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor along with 8GB RAM.

Processor Brand new Exonyus Nick: Presently there are rumors the Galaxy S8 is going to be powered with company’s own Exonys chipset, similar to the previous installment, outdoors the united states. Based on the recent surveys, Galaxy S8 goes obtain the Exynos 8895, which is as much as 3GHz throughout the planet. The question arises, if the Galaxy S9 follows exactly the same trend or otherwise? Our undertake this trouble would be that the Korean tech giant is probably to follow along with exactly the same pattern using the Galaxy S9 too unless of course something terrible happens using the Galaxy S8.

Battery The Driving Key from the smartphone: Around the battery aspect, the Galaxy S8 is rumored to sport a huge 4200 mAh battery. But we don’t believe that is realistically going to take place because the Galaxy S7 only has a 3000mAh. This can be a huge jump so we don’t think Samsung is prepared for this sort of leap, especially following the battery fiasco from the Galaxy Note 7. But with regards to the Galaxy S9, a 4200mAh juice pack is possible. However, when we discuss the operating-system, it’s almost certain the Galaxy s8 is going to be driven through the Android Nougat 7.. So when, the Galaxy S9 releases, Google will likely complete the introduction of the following installment from the operating-system, that’s the Android O.

As well as that, with regards to the interior storage from the device, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is pegged to provide an internal storage of 128GB using the choice to further expand it via a sd card slot. Whilst in the Galaxy S9, we predict the internal storage capacity is going to be elevated to 256GB using the choice to further increase as much as 1TB with the aid of the sd card slot.


Many reports claim that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will probably feature an iris scanner. The organization has incorporated this selection within the Galaxy Note 7 and you will find high chances it’ll make its debut within the smartphones using the Galaxy S8. However, if the feature doesn’t get incorporated within the Galaxy S8, we are certain that it includes the following iteration. Apart from that, the Galaxy S9 may also have a small projector.

Note: Samsung is attempting to incorporate the small projector within the forthcoming Galaxy S8, but we believe this can be a lengthy shot. Therefore the odds are high that it’ll include the Galaxy S9 rather. As well as that, the standard flagship features just like a fingerprint scanner, a better always-displayed, sd card slot, water and dirt proof body each one of these will trouble the Galaxy S9.


Samsung progressively boosts the cost of the flagships using the launch of every new iteration. The Galaxy S7 was costing around $750 in the period the handset premiered. The pundits are speculating the approaching flagship device, Galaxy S8 is going to be costing $850 (almost £655/AU$1120) when it will likely be launched within the month of Feb-March this season. Therefore if think about the cost hike like a pattern, the Galaxy S9 ought to be costing near about $950. Yes, it is not easy to calculate the cost from the Samsung Galaxy S9 so early, particularly when the S8 hasn’t hit the industry shelves yet. But we are certain that it’ll cost you greater than Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 a minimum of.


Predicting the Galaxy S9 cost, release date, specs and also the key features is really a mighty tough job, mostly since the previous iteration, S8 is not released yet. But that doesn’t steer clear of the enthusiasts to obtain looking forward to this approaching smartphone. We’ve accrued all of the news, updates and rumors floating online about this particular handset. So stay tuned in to the website for additional detailed and official news around the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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