What’s Latex Foam and is not it Extensively Used?

Latex foam is a kind of foam designed to outlast conventional spring mattresses.

There are 3 distinct kinds of Latex foam:

100% synthetic latex

It is uncommon to locate natural latex in brand name mattresses since it is not cheap and long-lasting, lasting 15 years. Large carton companies will generally only contain 1 – 2 inches of natural latex on top to allow them to boost the mattress as “ ” that is natural. In reality, the bed is made up of more artificial stuff than anything else. Be funny when firms do not mention the percent of content that is natural in their latex.

Remember that it is simply not possible for any mattress under $1500 to be made completely of natural latex as a result of prices.

Talalay Latex Production

Latex mattress

Latex mattress layers

2 Distinct Methods to Make the Best Latex Mattress Foam:

1) Talalay Procedure
The Talalay process of making latex leads to a softer feeling foam. Atmosphere and synthetics are constantly added to reach this. If not 100% synthetic 100% Natural Talalay will not exist and Talalay on now’s marketplace is greatly mixed.

2) Dunlop Procedure
A more solid feeling foam is created by the Dunlop procedure of making latex.

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